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If you develop an eye problem like pink eye, you need emergency eye treatment immediately, not in a few days or a week. The caring team at Gold Canyon Eye Center, located in Gold Canyon, Arizona, is happy to oblige with same-day appointments. Experienced Gold Canyon Eye Center optometrists are here for you, in all eye care emergencies. Book online or by phone now.

Emergency Eye Treatment Q & A

What should I do in an eye emergency?

If you have an eye care emergency, call Gold Canyon Eye Center immediately. The Gold Canyon Eye Center optometrists keep room in their schedule for emergencies, and a member of the team can fit you in right away. Usually, same-day appointments are available for eye emergencies. Don’t attempt to self-treat, and avoid putting any pressure or stress on your eyes. 


What are some common eye emergencies?

The Gold Canyon Eye Center team sees patients for many types of eye emergencies. Two of the most common, and potentially the most serious, emergency eye problems are:

Pink eye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a condition that causes severe inner eyelid inflammation and, as you might expect, pink eyes. Pink eye is uncomfortable, itchy, and can be quite painful if you don’t get treatment. It can also cause other symptoms like light sensitivity, watery eyes, and eye discharge. 

There are several kinds of pink eye, including viral, bacterial, and allergic. Your Gold Canyon Eye Center optometrist carefully evaluates your eye to determine the cause so they can recommend optimal treatment. 

Floaters or flashes

Floaters, small spots and shapes that float through your vision, happen occasionally to most people. But if they become more frequent, or if they happen at the same time as other symptoms like flashes (bright flashes of light) or a curtain over your vision, seek treatment right away. Floaters, flashes, and other similar symptoms might indicate a retinal tear or other retinal problems.

Other emergency eye problems include:

  • Foreign Body lodged in the eye

  • Partial or total vision loss

  • Severe eye irritation

  • Trauma to the eye

If you feel you might have an emergency but you’re not sure, call Gold Canyon Eye Center to get help and personalized recommendations right away. 


Does insurance cover emergency eye treatment?

Insurance covers emergency eye treatment at Gold Canyon Eye Center. Emergency eye care is considered a medical visit, and thus qualifies for coverage. But, it’s always smart to check with your insurance provider to verify coverage. 

Gold Canyon Eye Center is here for all your eye care needs, including eye emergencies, so call the office for same-day help whenever you need it.