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Children need eye exams and other eye care starting early in life, and you can trust the Gold Canyon Eye Center team for the very best in pediatric optometry. The team includes an experienced pediatric optometrist, Trina Cheng, OD, who treats infants starting at 6 months old. For all your pediatric optometry needs, call the office in Gold Canyon, Arizona, or use online booking for help now.

Pediatric Optometry Q & A

When should my child see a pediatric optometrist?

Children born in a hospital or medical setting generally have a rudimentary eye exam at the time of birth. But it’s best if your child has a comprehensive eye assessment between 6-12 months of age. The Gold Canyon Eye Center pediatric optometrist is an experienced InfantSEE® exam provider. The InfantSEE exam allows doctors and parents to work together to identify and treat any eye problems as early in life as possible. 

After that, kids should have an eye examination at 3-5 years old, and before starting the first grade. During your child’s schooling, or up until at least the age of 18, the American Optometric Association recommends annual pediatric optometry exams. Based on your child’s individual needs, the Gold Canyon Eye Center pediatric optometrist might recommend a different eye exam schedule for your child. 

What are pediatric eye problems to look for?  

A number of pediatric eye issues require attention, including:                                                               

  • Eye trauma

  • Eye discoloration

  • Persistent eye discharge

  • Stinging or burning eyes

  • Changes in vision

  • Continual eye rubbing

  • Dilated eye blood vessels

  • Uneven pupil size

If your child experiences any of the above, or any other eye problem in between their regular pediatric eye exams, call Gold Canyon Eye Center for quick care. Responding to problems without delay can help prevent your child from developing long-lasting eye problems.


What happens during pediatric optometry exams?

During your child's pediatric optometry exams at Gold Canyon Eye Center, your child's pediatric optometrist evaluates their eye health in multiple ways, including both vision function and the physical health of their eyes. The exam may include pupil dilation. 

The pediatric optometry team is highly adept at recognizing and diagnosing common childhood eye conditions such as lazy eye and strabismus. If your child has a childhood eye condition, focusing issues, or other problems, your child’s pediatric optometrist can find the problem in its early stages during pediatric optometry exams. 

Each exam includes screening for the most common pediatric eye issues, along with any other tests that might be needed based on your child’s specific health history. 

The Gold Canyon Eye Center team is here for you and your children, from exams to emergency eye treatment. Book an appointment with the pediatric optometrist now through the online scheduler or by phone today.